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230 temporary jobs created to rebuild damaged cities in Colorado

Posted on December 11th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

After experiencing massive amounts of flooding in September that destroyed nearly 1,500 homes, the Denver Business Journal reported the U.S Department of Labor donated a national emergency fund to Colorado as an effort to help with cleanup efforts. The federal aid will also create 230 new temporary jobs in the process.

The Denver Business Journal reported the U.S. Department of Labor bestowed an emergency grant of $4.6 million to Colorado in order to create the Flood Recovery Jobs Program. The newly launched recovery effort will create temporary jobs that will help cleanup and improve damaged cities throughout the state.

Many of the responsibilities for the temporary positions will require workers to operate machinery, clean roads and levees and restore several hiking trails. Along with physical labor, jobs are also being sought out for clothing distribution, providing shelter and other necessary resources. Ellen Golombek, executive director of the Colorado Labor Department said in an interview this aid will help restore Colorado cities and provide new jobs for people.

"After such devastation, the work ahead in many communities is staggering," she told The Denver Business Journal. "This grant will give us a chance to provide dislocated workers and long-term unemployed Coloradans with job opportunities assisting in their communities, addressing long-term recovery issues."

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