The virtual worker has become increasingly common due to escalating pressure from company costs, improvements in technology and cheaper cloud tools, according to Livermore, California Patch.

These remote part-time contract workers offer numerous benefits for employers, such as reduced overhead and lowered hourly rate expenses for hiring workers in other countries.

"It helps us in lots of ways," Dave Farpelha, owner of Livermore-based Custom Sports Cards, tells the media outlet. "We can scale our business with no overhead, no one needs to commute to the office and it saves us rent on what would normally require extra office space. As long as there's an internet connection, we can get the work done."

Inc. Magazine adds that hiring virtual part-time workers can actually be quite profitable. Cari Sommer, founder of online job marketplace Urban Interns, explains to the news source that the economic benefit of this type of work is the ability to staff up and staff down as the company requires.

Furthermore, a poll conducted in October by workforce solutions company Right Management found that of the 330 U.S businesses surveyed, three out of four organizations already employ people who work remotely, and nearly half of those employers expect their numbers to increase or significantly increase during the year ahead. 


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