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IES Quoted on Contract Payrolling –

March 17, 2019

Innovative Employee Solutions CFO, Peter Limone, weighs in on’s article “Don’t Bother Tackling These 5 Business Functions Yourself”. Read the full article here.

2. Contractor payrolling

Contracting certain roles can save money, to be sure, but it can also create headaches of its own. Peter Limone, president of payrolling provider Innovative Employee Solutions, points out in a blog post that hiring contingent workers can complicate a company’s payroll and compliance functions in multiple ways.

Say you’ve won a six-month federal contract. If you need to hire several temporary employees for the project, working with a payrolling provider ensures you won’t be burdened with higher state unemployment taxes when it’s time to let them go. Or, if you need to work with contractors in a state where you’re not licensed to do business, payrolling them with a national provider allows you to get to work immediately without worrying about compliance.