Back Office Support Services

Back Office Support Solutions

Think contract recruiting isn’t worth the trouble? Think again.

Our back office support services offer a fast and easy way to rev up your revenue, without additional work or risk. Using IES as the Employer of Record, recruiters can offer a stronger, more comprehensive recruiting or staffing service, including the ability to handle nationwide and international contract placements. From a business standpoint, the procedures to place candidates remain the same: clients provide you with a job order, and you get to work finding the best candidate. Once you find your candidate we’ll take it from there, including the time-consuming processes of back office administration such as on-boarding, payroll processing, and administering benefits for the employees you source. We’ll also handle the billing and collections process, keeping you free from the stress and burden of client invoicing and follow-up.

IES is one of the top recruiter back office service providers, serving clients globally. Whether you’re looking for back office management services or back office support services, we can help. Contact us today for more information.