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YouTube a job hunting tool?

Posted on June 19th, 2012 Read time: 1 minutes

As recently as last decade, physicians networked and shared research at conferences and events. However, as we move forward into a digital age, it's becoming more common for professionals to connect via online video – specifically, YouTube.

A recent poll from AMN Healthcare found that 29 percent of healthcare professionals used YouTube for professional networking, second only to Facebook (41 percent) and above LinkedIn (23 percent).

Given that HR administration may use professional networking sites like LinkedIn first to gauge potential job applicants' skills, it's surprising to see it fall behind YouTube, although the video sharing website does have potential as a job recruiting mechanism.

For instance, physicians can make connections over YouTube after viewing a colleague's video that could lead to a new opportunity. YouTube can also be used to learn about a potential employer, and many large healthcare organizations already embed YouTube videos into their career pages to describe culture and environment and introduce staff.

CBS News adds that YouTube can help with the job search in other ways. Prospective applicants can create a video resume by promoting or displaying their achievements, post skills or talents and hope for the best (Justin Beiber was discovered this way) or enter online contests to display expertise.   

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