As a recruiter, you want to provide every possible staffing solution for your client companies. However, you probably don’t want to take on the burdens of employing contract workers. Learn how partnering with Innovative Employee Solutions as your employer of record (EOR) can help you fill all your clients’ staffing needs while reducing your risks.

Save Time & Money

 When handling back-office functions, you’re responsible for resolving employee issues, processing and funding payroll, providing benefits, and handling liability and unemployment insurance. You have to file and deposit taxes, handle employment contracts and paperwork, and perform background checks and drug screens. You must also obtain W-4s, file I-9s, issue W-2s, onboard and terminate workers, and more. These activities take up much time and money and don’t add to your bottom line. In addition, errors may result in expensive fines, back taxes and lawsuits. You’re better off assigning these tasks to IES as your EOR.

Mitigate Risks

 Employment law changes all the time. New rules and regulations for tax requirements, compliance issues, and more are created regularly. In addition, if you put contingent workers on the same payroll as your employees, contingent workers may want or be entitled to the same benefits as your regular employees. Mistakes and noncompliance may severely harm the future of your company. Using IES as your EOR helps you avoid these and other risks.

Focus on Core Business

 Recruiting is what you do best and what brings in revenue for your business. Therefore, it’s important you spend your time increasing your client company base and increasing your bottom line. Let IES take care of all your back-office needs as your EOR while you focus on growing your clientele.

Become a Full-Service Contract Staffing Firm

When providing contract staffing as part of your business strategy, you gain a steady income source while filling all of your client companies’ staffing needs. Whether your clients seek independent contractors, temporary workers or direct placements, you can provide the necessary solutions and bring in revenue, even during economic downtimes. You also stay current in the recruiting industry by providing temporary staff for a blended workforce, which is becoming more common now.

Gain an edge over your competition by partnering with us as your EOR. Reach out to the back-office specialists at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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