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What men and women value at work

Posted on July 18th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Research from Randstad US shows men and women tend to prioritize different aspects of a company with which they are considering employment. While women tend to place importance on the location of a company and the work-life balance it offers, men tend to value the financial health of an organization and the possibilities for advancement it offers. The difference between the answers both genders gave was not radical, but it was present.

This information can help recruiters who are looking to increase gender diversity in their hires, whether permanent or temporary workers. It can also help in talent management, as it may give human resources professionals an idea of what a particular employee is more likely to value than another.

"How a company is perceived as an employer impacts what types of candidates it will attract," said Lisa Crawford, senior vice president of Randstad US. Therefore, human resources administration should endeavor to write descriptions that balance what men value with what women prefer to increase their chances of attracting a fairly gender-balanced pool of talent. Employer branding efforts should also prioritize all traits as equally as possible.

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