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Warning signs of employee turnover

Posted on December 26th, 2012 Read time: 1 minutes

Human resources departments are tasked with not only recruiting employees to fill workforce roles, but ensuring existing staff are content and developing to help lead the company in the future. When staff are unhappy with company operations or performance, the turnover rate increases rapidly. This can translate into more time and money spent on searching for, interviewing and training new staff to fill vacancies.

Rep-AM recently outlined some common warning signs HR departments should look out for that indicate an employee is on the brink of quitting. When the signs are identified early, HR professionals can make efforts to improve the experience for the worker and retain the talent rather than start over with a new employee.

According to the source, many disgruntled staff will transition from a positive presence in the workplace to a source of pessimism that can transcend to other staff. When employees seem disconnected, distracted or bored at work and unmotivated to push themselves, they are likely not planning to stay at the position for much longer. Likewise, when an employee chooses to not partake in the social aspect of the office – opting to stick just to office hours and not work with the team – he or she is likely not committed to their current role in the company.

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