According to a Gallup report, employment fell among young adults in June year-over-year. Those young adults working full-time accounting for 43.6 percent of the age group. Of those between the ages of 18 and 29, people with a college degree are twice as likely to be employed full-time as those without. For the purposes of Gallup's research, a full-time position is defined as one with at least 30 hours a week.

Employment levels among other demographics have improved year-over-year. Gallup gave no interpretation of these results that might suggest a reason for this development, aside from the observation that a college degree is vital to obtaining employment as a young person.

Unemployed young people should consider pursuing jobs as temporary workers. This is a field that allows people to add a variety of experience to their resumes and have steady employment while they may be working on new qualifications.

Human resources administration professionals who are involved in hiring might consider what their organizations can do to attract young workers. There are many currently available, and if positions exist for which they are qualified, recruiters will have a large talent pool to work with.

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