Across the country, communities are experiencing an influx of temporary workers, as businesses – especially small companies – continue to deal with fluctuating market conditions.

But the idea of temporary work for individuals who are used to full-time positions can be a bit demoralizing. Instead, job searchers may want to consider that many businesses use recruiting agencies as means for finding future permanent employees.

This idea is known by some businesses, human resources administration and staffing firms as the “try before hire” method, in which employers hire contract workers for probationary periods before offering them the position, the Green Bay Press Gazette writes.

However, the source notes that job seekers need to keep in mind when opportunities appear. “You have to be persistent and flexible,” staffing consultant Justine Mancheski said, as quoted by the source. “You have to realize you’re not always going to get a job that left off with your last employer. You have to prove yourself.”

Hiring temporary workers comes with several advantages for businesses as well, including cost savings on payrolling and benefits, flexible scheduling and the chance to determine whether the work necessitates a full-time employee, CareerBuilder explains.

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