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The future of HR and performance advising

Posted on November 27th, 2012 Read time: 1 minutes

A recent report released by i4cp discussed the changing role of human resources in a business model, as more companies look to HR professionals for advisory services.

Many companies are outsourcing their human resources tasks and obligations to expert providers, prompting a change in the way HR professionals are utilized by companies and employees. No longer are human resources limited to administrative tasks. Instead, many companies are calling on HR professionals to act as performance advisors to senior executives looking for assistance in defining strategies that leverage human capital and boost business performance.

According to the report, the transformation to an advisory role for HR professionals can only be achieved if certain variables change. Other departments and business executives must start viewing HR professionals as key components to strategic activities. Decision makers should learn to utilize these professionals when making tactical steps and confer with the department before finalizing a decision.

In addition, HR professionals must themselves be more strategic in how they function in the company. Human resources departments should act as performance advisors by sharing strategies for progress that are based on employee feedback and other human capital-based research and experience. Just as executives should look to HR professionals for expert guidance, the department must work to offer strategic recommendations to demonstrate value in tactical planning.

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