Amid the lingering possibility of a double-dip recession, employers are understandably skittish when it comes to the idea of hiring permanent workers, Reuters reports.

"Employers are saying, 'This could kill my company if I do the wrong kind of hiring now and it turns into a double dip recession,'" explained David Arkless, president of global corporate and government affairs at Manpower Group, as quoted by the news source. "They are stretching the human element of their company to breaking point because they are so scared of hiring."

Consequently, many are electing to take on temporary workers instead – something that often acts as a leading indicator for overall economic growth, according to the media outlet.

Temporary workers can stimulate the economy in several ways, including reducing the stubborn 9 percent unemployment rate.

A Missouri bar benefited from a less obvious perk, according to the Columbia Missourian. Kenda's Klub was going to close before the nearby Ameren Missouri plant in Calloway brought in temporary workers who quickly became regular patrons of the establishment during shift-change times. Now, owner Jason Bowers brings in extra revenue by keeping the bar open longer hours.

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