Companies can improve their businesses by hiring temporary employees and a recent survey has shown that the amount of these workers is increasing.

A new survey released on Dec. 5 from the American Staffing Association found that during third quarter 2013, U.S. staffing companies employed 3.03 million temporary and contract workers per day, which is a 2.6 percent increase from third quarter 2012. American Staffing Association President and CEO Richard Wahlquist said in a statement temporary workers are an invaluable tool for companies.

"The staffing industry is proud of the role it played in providing employment opportunities to increasing numbers of U.S. workers during the past quarter," Wahlquist said. "From career counseling services to job placement, staffing and recruiting firms offer valuable resources and employment for job seekers."

Hiring temporary employees can also lead to better business. The survey said that contract and temporary staffing brought in a total of $27.38 billion in sales for the quarter. This is a 2.8 percent jump from last year and a 1.6 percent, or $444 million, increase from second quarter 2013.

The ASA survey gathered information from approximately 10,000 establishments.

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