According to the Pulse Survey conducted monthly by Staffing Industry Analysts, temporary staffing revenue grew in May. This 8 percent year-over-year growth counts as "very widespread" improvement. The prior three months only showed widespread growth. This is a good sign, though growth has slowed since the economy has begun to rebound from its crisis, according to Research Analyst Robert Balicki.

The dramatic increases experienced by the industry during the economic recovery were typical of temporary staffing, which is often a barometer for economic trends generally. This slow growth mirrors that of the market itself. That the industry revenue continues to grow, however, shows that it continues to be relevant in the business world after the economic crisis.

Temporary workers are still an excellent choice for many organizations looking to test the waters of expansion. It may be particularly desirable for some to employ contract workers as the ACA goes into effect, because staffing agencies can take care of employee benefits management that may become more confusing for employers under the new law. Growing and established businesses alike can benefit from hiring contingent workers, and the increased revenue in this industry shows that many do take advantage of this opportunity.

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