In May, temporary staffing jobs hit a record 2.68 million. As the ACA looms, employers can avoid penalties for failing to provide benefits for full-time employees by hiring temporary workers. Staffing agencies are the employer of record for their contract workers, which means that the companies at which they are placed are not responsible for their benefits and cannot be fined for failing to provide them.

As regulations change, outsourcing employee benefits management becomes a better idea. Staffing agencies can provide temporary workers who will perform well but not impose additional burdens on companies already struggling with benefits management. Additionally, contract workers can help small businesses stay under fifty employees, the number above which the employer is obligated to provide benefits.

It is essential for employers to study the ACA, because they will be held accountable for following it. This stress can be reduced by using a staffing agency, who, as the employer of record for temporary workers, will be able to do that work. The benefits of using contract workers are already acknowledged, and only growing as the ACA becomes a concern.

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