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Staffing employment up from last year, steady in October

Posted on October 23rd, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

The American Staffing Association's index that measures staffing employment in the U.S. was up 4.9 percent in October compared to the same month last year, according to its monthly report. The group also revealed staffing employment rose 0.3 percent over 30 days from September to October.

The industry has seen steady growth in 2013. After a jump in the first weeks of January,  the index rose during the winter and spring. After a slight dip in the summer, the index bounced back and has since grown from a value of 95 in the late summer to 100. Since the beginning of the year, the report read, employment of temporary and contract workers has grown 15.1 percent.

The industry anticipates an increase in the upcoming months before declining after the holidays. Staffing employment, the report read, typically peaks between mid-November and mid-December, after which, it declines for several weeks.

ASA supports and researches companies in the staffing and recruiting industry. Members of ASA, reads their website, "provide the full range of employment and work force services and solutions," including temporary and contract staffing, recruiting permanent position and outsourcing of services, including human resources.

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