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Society for Human Resource Management survey reveals recent concerns

Posted on August 23rd, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

In June, the Society for Human Resource Management surveyed hundreds of HR professionals at its annual conference. According to the results, recent areas of concern in human resources administration include employee relations, recruiting, health care reform, leadership, compliance and training and development.

A reputable staffing and human resources outsourcing firm can be a solution to worries in many of these categories. Recruitment, for example, can be delegated to a staffing firm rather than done in-house. Health care reform's impact on employee benefits management may seem overwhelming, but firms dedicated to HR back office functions have the research and experience to manage it for companies and save them time and hassle. Compliance, too, is an area in which staffing and outsourced HR firms are well-versed out of necessity.

Of course, there are additional in-house solutions to each of these concerns. However, anything that can take stress off a company, whether financial or otherwise, should be considered seriously. The ability of a staffing and HR firm to take care of many tasks in these domains may be extremely valuable to organizations of all kinds.

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