Relocation can sometimes be a part of the recruiting process for those who choose staffing agencies to help them find jobs may be subjected to.

While relocation may not be an issue for some, Aon Hewitt recently found that these individuals should suggest they be moved to certain places over others.

The 2012 People Risk Index, which measures risks organizations face with recruitment, employment and education in 131 cities worldwide, found that New York is the city with the lowest risk factor for relocated employees.

Contributing to this ranking are its large working population, positive immigration rate and high workforce productivity. Also, researchers took into consideration the city's world-class educational institutions and training facilities, as well as its large pool of qualified applicants. There is inherent risk in its living situation, though, due to higher crime rates.

Rounding out the top five were two Canadian cities (Montreal and Toronto), London, England, and Singapore.

Among the most risky relocation destinations were Nigeria, Ethiopia, Baghdad, Iraq, Yemen and Syria.

Richard Bradley, head of resourcing at England's St. Albans, believes that the globalization of the marketplace has made relocation essential for many companies over the last three years, according to LinkedIn Answers. 

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