Recruiters working for small firms may have some initial difficulty sourcing top talent. Particularly in the case of passive candidates, enticing someone away from a job that may provide more name recognition and a higher salary can be difficult. However, there are strategies to help recruiters find all of their clients, including small organizations, the best talent possible.

Opportunity sells
Small firms may have more opportunities for advancement as they scale up, or for increased flexibility. Both of these traits are attractive to potential employees. Additionally, if the business means to solve a problem, finding people passionate about that issue and giving them the chance to help remedy it can be extremely valuable for recruiters.

Culture and contentment
Both permanent and temporary workers depend on the culture of their office environments to a large extent. For example, when co-workers are respectful of one another and employees feel valued, these actions have a larger impact on staff satisfaction than salary. Recruiters looking for people to fill positions at small firms should emphasize the welcoming culture there to find talented employees who would jump at the chance to enjoy going to work every day.

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