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Recruiters head to campus to seek MBAs

Posted on August 2nd, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Recruiters are increasingly heading to campus to court the newest crop of MBAs. A study by MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance revealed half of respondents said recruiting activity had increased on their campuses. This indicates a high demand for these graduates, which their business knowledge and often experience may explain.

Human resources administration professionals involved in recruiting or employed by staffing firms would do well to note this trend. In a labor market where MBAs are valued, it would not do to fall behind the competition in securing them as future employees. The earlier a recruiter contacts a prospect, the better his or her chances may be to hire them. Building relationships on university campuses represents a practice that puts recruiters and prospects in touch at the earliest possible moment in the prospect's career search.

The expanding economy and the recovering job market both dictate a certain amount of interest in those candidates who are highly educated and qualified. Professionals of this type have many opportunities after they leave school – they may accept a permanent offer, work for themselves or become contract workers. As such, recruiters must emphasize the most desirable traits of the positions they offer to MBAs. This may include, particularly for temporary workers, a flexible schedule and plenty of opportunities to relocate if the candidate should desire.

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