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Technology can help staffing agencies recruit the best workers

Posted on August 14th, 2014 Read time: 1 minutes

There aren't many business sectors that haven't been completely reshaped by technology. Human resources is certainly one of them. These days, collecting data and making decisions around this information has proved beneficial for a number or organizations. Temporary staffing agencies can now use technology to recruit higher level temporary workers while also using it bolster back office support practices.

The Washington Post defines the use of technology in human resources as 'people analytics,' while also suggesting that the strategy can be used to make hiring of any kind more effective. This is done in part by taking the traits and characteristics of workers who are strong, and then looking for similar qualities in others, all using big data as a tool.

Forbes stated in a recent article that companies using this kind of technology can benefit by creating innovative best practices when it comes to recruitment and improving the experience between the candidate and the organization. This can be especially beneficial for staffing agencies looking to attract the highest caliber of temporary workers available.

For any supplemental staffing agency considering this technology, there are important things to look for in a platform, Forbes wrote. The first of which, and arguably the most important, is thorough and detailed reporting metrics. This is especially important when looking to highlight strengths and weaknesses in candidates to make better placement decisions. Another is working to find a cloud-based solution. This can help an organization save money on implementation costs and puts a company on the cutting edge of technology with respect to recruitment.

Following these suggestions can make any supplemental staffing agency more profitable by ensure that its clients receive only the best temporary workers as often as possible.

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