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Joining an Affiliate Directory Can Generate More Inbound Leads

Posted on November 19th, 2016 Read time: 2 minutes

As a recruiter, you’re always on the lookout for ways to find top quality candidates while reducing the time, cost and risks involved with placing contingent workers. Find out how joining our Recruiter Affiliate Program and partnering with us as your employer of record (EOR) will help you attain these goals.

Attract More Candidates 

 When you join our Recruiter Affiliate Program, you expand your network and bring in new leads. You create a profile in our Recruiter Affiliate Directory, letting candidates know where you’re located, what your areas of expertise are, and what industries you specialize in. You may also upload a picture and short biography, include links to your website and social media pages, as well as your contact information. You can also edit and update your profile as needed. Your profile is posted on our website so that our clients, prospects, and other recruiters may view your information. Job seekers may get in touch with you to learn about open positions, and other recruiters may contact you for referrals or a potential partnership. By using our affiliate program, you grow your visibility and increase your business at no additional cost.

Partner with IES as Your Employer of Record

 You can save yourself additional time and money by partnering with us as your EOR. Whether you work independently or with other recruiters, you’ll create more revenue with our nationwide placement capabilities that allow you to place candidates throughout the country and internationally. Our back-office support team takes care of your client billing processes, collections, weekly profit checks, and more. We even provide comprehensive, web-based processes that make onboarding your contingent workers easier. Plus, you’ll save up to 25 percent with our worker’s compensation, professional liability, and employer insurance coverage. You’ll also pay less for competitive benefits packages for your contract workers.

When you outsource your HR and payrolling tasks to IES, we take on the additional risks involved with placing contingent workers. We’ll handle compliance with all employment laws and regulations to help you avoid IRS fines and expensive lawsuits.

Joining our Recruiter Affiliate Directory and partnering with us as your EOR will bring you more leads, save time and money, and reduce risks. Get in touch with the experts at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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