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Real Business recommends payroll outsourcing

Posted on February 5th, 2014 Read time: 1 minutes

Companies are seeing the benefits in HR outsourcing services and payroll management, according to Real Business. The newspaper cites the increasing time sinks of payroll (between seven and 25 percent of working hours for small companies and more for larger ones).

A related benefit Real Business suggests is the increase in productivity. Even a little bit of outsourcing can make a company dramatically leaner and more effective. HR departments that had been stuck with mountains of paperwork can now focus on managing people and creating better organizations.

Additionally, according to the article, the huge quantity of ever-changing rules and regulations can prove to be too much for some companies to keep up with, while an outsourcing firm specializing in payroll can stay on top of everything and ensure compliance.

In a related story, the government of Greenwich, Conn. has hired an outsourcing company to help manage their payroll and HR.

"It was apparent to us we needed a human capital management system that would reduce our exposure to risk from error while increasing our efficiency," said Mary L. Pepe, director of human resources for Greenwich, in a press release. "Our immediate goals were to increase core functionality and expand our use of automation."

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