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Ranking the top holiday hiring chains

Posted on October 14th, 2011 Read time: 1 minutes

With the holiday season looming, large retailers are gearing up for the shopping explosion by hiring large numbers of temporary workers.

Some companies are recruiting more heavily than others, and 24/7 Wall Street recently complied a list of the retailers that are expected to have the most seasonal employment opportunities.

Party supply retailer Party City is predicted to take on 14,000 workers across its 600 stores. Because of the nature of the store, it's likely to only see a rush around Halloween, so there isn't a need for as many employees post-October.

JCPenney, America's 22nd largest retailer, plans to add 35,000 temp workers, up from 30,000 last holiday season. The company expects a few jobs to remain permanent.

Toys "R" Us and department store Kohl's are planning to make 40,000 seasonal hires each. For Kohl's, this means an additional 35 employees per store. Toys "R" Us plans to offer wages of between $8 and $10 for its open positions.

Macy's ranked as the top hiring retailer for seasonal employees, taking on up to 78,000 new workers.

"We always hire aggressively during the holidays to ensure our customers are well-served in this important shopping period," said Terry J. Lundgren, Macy's CEO.  

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