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Randstad Employee Confidence Index reaches pre-recession levels

Posted on July 12th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Randstad recently released the results of its latest monthly Employee Confidence Index survey. The heartening results show levels of confidence in employers, the economy and the job market that have rarely been seen since the recession began. Randstad places the June 2013 Employee Confidence Index at 56.8 points, which is not far from the twelve-month high of 57.

The reasons for this high level of confidence among workers are many and varied. "Over a third of employees are likely to seek a new job in the next 12 months – a sign that the economy has better opportunities available in the eyes of job seekers," reported Jim Link, the managing director of Randstad U.S. He also cited improvements in the stock market and residential property values as possible factors in high employee confidence in the economy.

The job market's health comes in part from the fact that it is perceived to be favorable to candidates. Many in STEM fields are getting multiple job offers, for instance, as tech companies begin to value a mixed workforce of permanent and contract workers. Employees with in-demand skills may find that they prefer to be temporary workers for reasons of flexibility or novelty, and these benefits may increase their overall confidence in the working world.

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