A new study by Rigzone found many hiring managers in the oil and gas industry plan to add contingent workers to their staff in the second half of 2013. Of those who responded to the nationwide survey, 34 percent planned to hire more contract workers, while 26 percent planned to increase their use of staffing services.

The oil and gas industry is growing, according to expert Daniel Yergin. "Abundant low-cost energy is stimulating a revival of manufacturing in the U.S. as well as well as increased American economic competitiveness," he told Forbes.

This booming industry has a great need for engineers of all kinds. Other professions in high demand in the field include finance and accounting and health and safety management. A number of recruiters would prefer to fill these positions with contract workers, as is also the case in many other industries.

The advantages of hiring contingent workers include the ability to outsource human resources and payrolling services. Staffing firms can also provide recruitment services, which save significant effort.

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