According to CBS Money News, more experienced workers have unique challenges in the job search. Their years in the working world may cause prospective employers to believe their salary requirements are prohibitively high or that their skills are out of date. Neither of these concerns may be the case, but such incorrect perceptions can be difficult to dispel.

More experienced workers should consider contingent employment in their job searches. Temporary workers are of all ages and backgrounds. Furthermore, there is a market for experienced professionals to serve as contract workers. As many as 40 percent of contingent workers are eventually hired to a permanent position at companies where they are placed, as well.

Professional temporary workers are employed in fields as diverse as medicine and law. Demand is also particularly high in the information technology sector. Any older workers who have experience in these fields should consider whether contract work is right for them. Many experience the flexibility that is inherent in contingent work as a great benefit, and some older workers who have transitioned to contingent employment would not go back to permanent work.

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