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New graduates and contract work

Posted on June 6th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Members of the newest crop of college graduates are looking for their first jobs, and contract and temporary work could be perfect for many of them. These positions are not jobs of last resort, but rather a desirable career move for many recent graduates. Contract work allows for exploration of different fields and positions, and gives graduates an opportunity to hone real-world skills they may not have had the chance to develop in college. They will have the chance, as an article in states, to "get consistent feedback that can shape them as professionals."

Of the benefits of being a temporary worker, an article on states that it can be "a good way to keep productive during a job search, to clear your head, make some money and stay current while you concentrate on finding your dream job." Furthermore, connections contract workers make at a particular position can be valuable contacts going forward. Many graduates spending time as temporary workers even find that they are hired on at the company in question for permanent employment.

No matter what their degree, from undergraduate liberal arts to a law degree, contract work can be an excellent choice for any recent graduate.

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