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Motivating factors receive more analysis

Posted on December 6th, 2011 Read time: 1 minutes

HR administration may want to consider a new employee motivation barometer tool that can help organizations understand what encourages staff to achieve business goals.

Total Employee Engagement Solutions, a program from research supplier IDG Research Services, utilizes The Motivation Factor Index to determine how well individuals are able to manage their desire and engagement. The index gauges a person's ability to become self-motivated, integrate new learning and handle change, and lays out ground rules to achieve lasting motivation.

These include the ability to identify and act on energy-draining tasks, understand their needs and be accountable for them, apply and leverage innate talents and become more purpose-driven.

"Organizations are inundated with information about how organizational leadership, work environment and management practices affect engagement," said Helle Bundgaard, CEO of Motivation Factor. "But little information exists about how to inspire and sustain personal motivation and engagement toward organizational goals."

Janet King, general manager and vice president of IDG Research Services, added that traditional surveys don't capture how effective workers are at managing their own environments.

According to TLNT, motivation also involves making employees aware that their efforts matter. This can be done by personally contacting workers with information about how doing their job effectively made a difference in a customer's life.  

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