A recent report from business research company Aberdeen Group found that the most highly regarded companies find their talent using recruitment technologies.

The Human Capital Management Trends report points out companies that utilized automated recruitment boosted productivity, improved customer satisfaction and motivated employees.

Automated recruitment allows businesses to fill positions quickly and cost-effectively, and lets HR administration focus less on administrative tasks and more on the development of talent, Recruiter.com reports.

"The best-in-class display a number of common core characteristics; one of which is an investment in world-class technology throughout most aspects of talent and workforce management," said Mollie Lombardi, research director and co-author of the report.

Researchers found that recruitment technologies were in use at 62 percent of best-in-class companies. Automation was used at 54 percent of average companies and 46 percent of "laggard" businesses.

As a result of the still struggling economy, more companies are attempting to operate more efficiently. This can be achieved by making quality investments, and recruitment technology has proven to be a primary driver in creating such an impact.

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