A recently released white paper from The McGraw-Hill Research Foundation discussed how now is an opportune time to introduce mobile learning (mLearning) into the work environment.

MLearning: A Practical Approach to Mobile Technology for Workforce Training, written by Alex Heiphetz, president of software solutions company AHG, outlines how HR administration can implement successful mLearning initiatives.

Steps include identifying long-term learning and organizational goals, establishing criteria for measuring success, ensuring mLearning is compatible with existing programs, evaluating delivery options using available technologies and selecting a pilot project.

"We believe that mobile technology can become an engine of business learning in the same way the World Wide Web became the backbone of learning during the previous technological revolution," said Heiphetz. "MLearning makes learning easier, motivates further learning and encourages knowledge sharing and gathering."

Dr. Chris Dede, professor of learning technologies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, recently urged teachers to embrace mLearning in the classroom. He pointed to the potential effectiveness of augmented reality programs via mobile devices as a way to improve the education process.

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