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Mentorship in the workplace

Posted on August 29th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Organizations interested in nurturing and developing talent should consider instituting a mentorship program in the workplace. According to Forbes, strong mentor relationships are key to success for young professionals. Companies may find the investment of time and resources they make in such a program pays off significantly over time.

Whether for permanent or temporary workers, mentorship programs can help clarify goals and desires and how they align with the company's mission. Particularly in situations where contingent workers are being considered as permanent hires, mentorship can help determine whether the next step is advisable for both the employee and the business.

Contingent work is widely recognized as an opportunity for professionals to develop skills and clarify career goals. The addition of a mentorship program to such an experience can amplify these benefits considerably. In large organizations with affinity groups, or in staffing firms that provide similar opportunities, it is possible to match professionals with mentors who have similar life experiences. This can help increase diversity in the higher levels of an organization, which is a goal for many in the human resources administration community. Mentorship can also help with engagement, which staffing professionals and client firms will appreciate immensely.

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