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Many staffing firms beginning to specialize

Posted on February 12th, 2014 Read time: 1 minutes

Many staffing firms are beginning to specialize, according to Motley Fool. Some companies focus on accounting and finance jobs because those are scarce for their level of demand, according to the source. Other companies choose other niche markets, such as IT. Some companies specialize by only hiring top tier talent and then charging a higher rate for them.

Other firms continue to offer broad business support, but have added specialized departments with their own branding.

It may not be as hard to find specialized or top tier workers in today's economy as in the past. According to a Feb. 11 jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth was flat in December. Many skilled workers are out of work, and it may help them to fill their time by doing temp jobs. According to Vox, contract workers can leverage the network they build while temping to get a full-time job, and even do better in the jobs market than before. Additionally, they improve their job skills, and have a higher chance of earning a better wage.

It also benefits companies that hire temporary workers. With temp workers, a company can try before they buy, and carefully make a decision before hiring someone full-time.

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