Although your company may depend on contingent workers for reaching its goals, managing those workers is extremely time-consuming and challenging. Find out how you can more easily manage a contingent workforce by partnering with Innovative Employee Solutions as your employer of record (EOR).

Save Money

 Working with an EOR reduces your overhead, administrative expenses and fixed costs. You avoid paying for advertising, background checks, skills testing, training, wages, overtime and more. You also don’t have to cover payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and other expenses. In addition, because you pay only for services needed, your costs decrease as your need for contingent workers decreases.

Gain Efficiency

 When using an EOR, your workload becomes lighter and more efficient. HR functions such as payroll, benefit administration, and compliance management are streamlined by using the latest technology. You save much time by using an EOR for handing your back-office needs.

Reduce Risks

 By partnering with an EOR, you minimize business risks. Staying on top of often-changing employment and labor laws is very time consuming. Compliance with evolving regulations affecting workers is complicated. By utilizing an EOR, you have seasoned professionals staying current with all applicable laws and regulations. Our experts ensure you remain compliant to avoid IRS penalties and costly legal issues.

Focus on Core Business

 When taking on an EOR, all of your hiring paperwork, onboarding requirements, training and other needs are taken care of, freeing up time to focus on your core activities. Because HR duties, payroll, and other required back-office tasks don’t bring in money, putting those responsibilities in the hands of experts ensures they are completed correctly and efficiently. You’re free to meet with more client companies and bring in more business .

Partner with IES

 When partnering with IES as your EOR, you receive customized HR administration and payrolling that meets your company’s needs. You also increase productivity and efficiency while reducing liability by letting us handle your hiring, timekeeping, payroll and other tasks.

Gain peace of mind by partnering with us as your EOR. Get in touch with the seasoned experts at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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