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Leverage behavior data to support strategies

Posted on November 14th, 2012 Read time: 1 minutes

The role of the human resources department is evolving rapidly, as companies are relying on these professionals for more organizational insight to aid in the development of strategic planning. Because human resources professionals have access to employee performance and sentiment data, they can leverage the behavioral information to drive business strategies while improving employee performance.

According to Nancy Martini, president and CEO of a global consulting network, behavioral assessments are positively impacting productivity levels, and are helping companies overcome economic challenges to increase market share and drive development. The use of behavioral data to aid in major company decisions can positively impact both the bottom line and employee performance.

When human resources departments have deeper insight into employee issues, concerns and performance patterns, best practices can be deployed to maximize employee output to increase returns and enhance global strategies. Likewise, when employees feel their concerns have been heard by the company, or they have been provided with the tools help them succeed professionally, morale is increased and retention skyrockets.

Martini explained national and global corporations are becoming less tolerant of hiring mistakes that waste time and resources and ill-suited job applicants. More effective hiring and screening practices, as well as improved analysis of existing employees, are in high demand. Companies are looking for these human resources capabilities to ensure investments made today in human capital will provide high returns in the future through growth and innovation.

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