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Jobs report shows a modest increase in temporary employment

Posted on September 6th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

The Labor Department released its jobs report on Sept. 6 for August, revealing the lowest unemployment rate since December 2008, according to USA Today. It also showed a mild increase in contingent jobs, with a gain of 13,000 in the industry. During this recovery, many businesses continue to hire temporary workers rather than add to their permanent staff. There are also seasonal temporary employees to consider.

The jobs report demonstrates contingent work continues to add open positions to the economy, and is a factor in lowering the unemployment rate to what is almost a five-year low. While workers may not stay perpetually in temporary work, it is an efficient way to get back into the job market and experience the benefits of receiving pay, following a schedule and establishing professional connections. Others do make a career of being contract workers, and enjoy a career that offers flexibility and new experiences.

As the economy shows signs of recovery, some aspects of business seem to have changed forever. One of these is temporary work, which is now a more consistent part of the job market – and of many people's lives – than ever before.

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