Jobless claims have risen by 24,000 to 329,000 according to the latest Department of Labor report.

MarketWatch reports claims will often increase around the Easter Holiday because the holiday moves around and this can cause problems with making seasonal adjustments.

"This marks the fifth year in a row in which the reading for the week including Good Friday posted a rise of close to 20,000," said Pierpont Securities Chief Economist Stephen Stanley.

Monthly claims, as opposed to weekly claims, have been showing that unemployment is falling.

Whether or not unemployment falls, a good way to have a source of income between jobs is to join a team of temporary workers. It allows those who would otherwise be without employment to continue honing their skills and earning a paycheck.

Additionally, companies may find it useful to hire contract workers instead of interns since many universities are fighting back against unpaid internships, according to the Wall Street Journal. Recently, there have been lawsuits against companies that have hired interns, and many firms are shutting down their internship programs as a result.

One possible remedy is to hire temps through an employer of record. This will cut back on the expenses associated with hiring a full-time employee, and there would also be the benefit of a temporary worker's maturity and skill.

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