Last month, HR administrations throughout the country recruited more new employees in the IT field than in any other industry. The number of information technology jobs climbed to 4.4 million, or 14,800 more than February, according to new research by the TechServe Alliance, an online IT services site.

The study found March's numbers show a new high this year, with IT jobs steadily rising from around 4.3 million in January. Compared to March of 2012, the amount of jobs has increased roughly 5 percent and is projected to continue growing throughout the rest of the year. 

Mark Roberts, chief executive officer of TechServe Alliance, sees this increase as a great sign for the job industry. 

"While I know the overall jobs report disappointed most observers, I am pleased to see that IT continues on a steady growth trajectory," said Roberts. "Based on the data and anecdotal reports I hear from my member companies, demand for IT talent remains very strong with shortages in many skill sets. We continue to believe the sector will remain a bright spot in the economy throughout 2013."

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