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Is now becoming the age of the freelancer?

Posted on April 10th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Freelancing is quickly gaining momentum as more employers look for staffing solutions. However, as freelancers grow in prominence, contract workers and payroll outsourcing services are increasing as well. 

Workers employed through staffing agencies have been on the rise ever since the recession, but some recruiters believe 2013 might see a marked boost in freelancers contracting out their services. 

A report by Elance, an online freelancing job site, found 57 percent of freelancers reported a rise in income from the previous year and 42 percent of respondents disclosed that they are being hired more often. Most freelancers work multiple jobs at a time, with half stating they work between two and three and 22 percent claim they freelance 11-20 hours per week. 

However, the staffing industry is also up, with new data finding contract agencies grew six percent in the first few months of 2013

The trend of hiring short-term workers does not seem to be declining as businesses search for alternative staffing methods. Temporary and contract employees, whether part of a staffing firm or freelance, are projected to continue finding work as the economy stabilizes. 

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