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Information technology openings on the rise for contract workers

Posted on April 21st, 2011 Read time: 1 minutes

The information technology (IT) job market is nearing two years of rising recruitment levels for contract workers in the U.K., according to Channel Web.

CWJobs, a specialist in IT recruitment, found that the number of vacancies in the sector rose sequentially for the seventh consecutive quarter, the news source adds. Roles for permanent staff grew by 6 percent, while those for contract workers were up 11 percent compared to the previous quarter.

"We have seen a surge in the number of recruiters seeking contract IT staff this quarter, which will increase job prospects for flexible job seekers who are prepared to skill up over the coming year," Richard Nott, website director at CWJobs, explained to the media outlet.

According to Recruiter, the most in-demand skills for contract workers include the project development process Agile and software development design and project management. On the other hand, SQL, C, C#, .NET and SQL Server are the top five skills most in demand for permanent IT jobseekers.

Channel Web also found that software development positions made up almost 40 percent of all jobs postings, with design and project management jobs accounting for 20 percent. 

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