Background checks on potential employees are vital for your company’s long-term success. Negligent hiring can put employee safety at risk, result in drug or alcohol violations, and bring costs of high turnover and low productivity. Learn how Innovative Employee Solutions can help minimize these risks and give you peace of mind.

  • Due Diligence

As an employer, it’s your job to discover potential problems a job candidate might have had that could affect your business. If you hire someone who engages in illegal activities, you may be sued by other employees for negligent hiring. Employers typically lose almost three-fourths of such lawsuits and often end up paying thousands of dollars. Protect your employees and yourself by conducting background checks on your workers to lessen this type of risk.

  • Criminal Past

Millions of workers have criminal pasts. Although we all make mistakes and deserve a second chance, some employees could continue to engage in illegal activities that could harm coworkers and the company employing them. Ensure your company doesn’t take unnecessary risks by having a thorough criminal history policy in place. Adhering to this policy during your hiring process will protect you from liabilities and legal action.

  • Educational Degree

You need to verify a potential employee’s educational degrees, professional licensing, references, and past employment. Due to competition in the workplace, workers can embellish their education and experiences in an attempt to gain an advantage over other applicants. If you’re hiring for a specific skill set where a special degree or license is required, it’s especially vital you verify the candidate fulfills all the requirements needed to perform the work.  There are many tools out there to help you verify employment, licenses and degrees to ensure you have accurate information.

  • Why IES

IES saves you time and money by hiring the right workers. We provide detailed, thorough pre-employment background checks on your behalf to give you peace of mind throughout the hiring process. Let us help minimize your risks and ensure a safer workplace by screening your applicants.

Gain confidence by hiring us to perform background checks on your job candidates. Reach out to the trained professionals at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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