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Save money, protect company culture with outsourced HR services

Posted on September 3rd, 2014 Read time: 2 minutes

Many small- and mid-sized companies have a need for HR services but aren't in a position to be able to hire a full-time, dedicated person or team to do the job. This is the reality for many organizations, but one viable solution is to hire an HR outsourcing firm to handle traditional back-office support tasks.

These organizations exist to help owners focus on day-to-day business operations while eliminating the stress of managing employee payroll and scouring through candidate resumes in order to schedule and conduct interviews. Not only do these services ease some of the stress of running a company, but according to Midline Consulting, it can also result in significant cost savings.

Midline lists a number of benefits gained by working with an employer of record, including the handling of employee benefits and retirement plans, and ensuring worker compliance with respect to local, state and federal regulations. Any missteps in these areas can result in severe fines and penalties being levied against a company. These offerings are just some of the many advantages of outsourcing HR.

Additionally, these services can also be beneficial as a company experiences growth and transitions to a larger size. As a company makes these dramatic shifts, not only do they change from an organizational standpoint, but cultural as well.

Christopher Thierry, who serves as president of Canadian telecom company Etelesov, tells Inc. Magazine how HR can help manage company culture.

"A human resources department should act as a gatekeeper of culture and most problems related to HR can be eliminated by hiring those with the same core values in the first place," he said.

Outsourcing HR can prove beneficial for a number of organizations and should be considered in place of employing an individual or staff to manage these robust duties.

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