NewVantage Partners recently released the findings of its Big Data Executive Survey Part II, which found many businesses and government agencies may struggle to tackle the growing challenges of big data due to a lack of adequate talent. When working with a HR outsourcing services provider, companies can feel confident that the best job applicants are considered for open positions, with special focus on areas of concern or high demands such as big data management.

Big data refers to large volumes of information being generated and collected by modern computing systems. When analyzed effectively, big data can aid in decision making and may help spur innovation. However, in order to deploy analytics for increased productivity and growth, experienced staff must be in place who understand the technology.

The survey found overall corporate data volumes are growing by 94 percent, prompting all industries to develop big data strategies for 2013. Finding the best employees to leverage big data into actionable insight requires focused hiring practices and pre-interview screening. Companies do not want to waste time and resources training staff on big data best practices, when qualified workers are available for hire. Thus, human resources must fine-tune their hiring practices to filter only the most qualified applicants to fill the time-sensitive positions.

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