HR pros play multiple roles as employee advocates, culture keepers, leaders and more. Here are some reasons why HR staff should also assume roles similar to marketers to help manage their employees more effectively.

  • Focus Messages on Target Audiences

 HR reps should study their employees’ demographics, attitudes, and behaviors to create a clearer understanding of how to convey messages about the company in ways that the workers find more engaging. For example, many employees receive large numbers of emails from their companies weekly, yet many workers don’t find value in those messages and do not read them. This results in workers feeling disconnected from the rest of the company and lowers employee morale.

To improve this issue, HR should talk with employees to uncover their values, concerns, motivations, goals, and what incentives will help them to be more productive. Because these answers will most likely vary among departments and between managers and employees, the differences should be recorded so that different messages on the same topic may target specific groups of workers. The employees will be more inclined to read the messages and determine how they will affect the workers personally. Workers will then feel more like valued members of the organization, which will improve employee morale.

  • Use Multiple Methods for Communicating Company Brand

 HR pros should use a mix of emails, text messages, newsletters, social network posts, videos, images, mobile applications, and more for communicating the company’s brand. Ensure the majority of information is shareable so new people are exposed to the company. This will help attract job applicants for when you’re ready to fill open positions. Job seekers will already be familiar with your organization and want to join.

  • Measure Effectiveness of Processes

 HR teams should track and measure data to determine areas in which processes are working, where they need improving, and where they need to be created. For example, whether workers receive and reply to messages at appropriate times or participate in corporate programs may be among the issues addressed. This will improve employee engagement, company culture, and overall business goals.

When HR leaders take a marketing approach to their work, they help improve the overall employee experience and build a strong brand for the business. For additional help with your HR duties, get in touch with the friendly staff at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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