According to a recent report from the Aberdeen Group, 54 percent of 292 executives surveyed said human resources spent at least half their time on "tactical, administrative initiatives."

However, TLNT notes that if HR administration switch their focus from menial tasks to increase employee engagement and overall performance, they'll likely see better results in 2012.

The news source cites Aberdeen's latest HR Executive Agenda, which points to certain ways HR can improve processes.

For example, most workers don't have a clear understanding of their own organization's industry and customers. If HR isn't able to pass this knowledge along to employees, it leaves a disconnect.

HR must also identify skills gaps beyond a "traditional headcount analysis" and engage employees more effectively, which was seen as one of the top challenges that business leaders face today.

Assessments are also important in creating results. Companies that invest in employee reviews are 10 percent more likely to achieve organizational goals and 28 percent more likely to increase engagement. However, many employee reviews fall short of the mark.

TLNT cites a 2010 Sibson Consulting survey that revealed nearly 60 percent of HR executives graded their own assessment systems with a C or below.

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