As the global search for talent is proving to be a difficult process for businesses across diverse industries, companies should consider the important value of harmonizing the C-suite and HR administration.

HR strategy affects business productivity
Because HR is responsible for bringing in and managingemployees responsible for company output, the division can greatly affect business productivity.

“Developing a human resource strategy for recruiting and selecting the best employees affects your organization’s bottom line,” writes Ruth Mayhew for Houston Chronicle’s Small Business.

Ensuring employee engagement and development should therefore be a top priority for company leaders, as human capital is often considered organizations’ most valuable asset.

CEOs and HR can strengthen company culture together
HR services struggle today with fostering a community culture within a workforce that is becoming more global. The CEO is ultimately the strongest influence over a company’s personality, writes John Bell for Managers and employees strive to replicate characteristics they admire in their company leaders. HR has the potential to recognize these traits and appropriately praise and promote individuals whose actions represent company goals. In addition, if CEOs play an active role in recruiting efforts, businesses have a stronger chance of bringing in individuals who embody organizationculture.

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