A recent study found almost half of employees who know their company does allow the use of file sharing services utilize them anyway.

Nasuni, a virtual storage space provider, surveyed more than 1,300 corporate IT users and compiled the "Special Report on Shadow IT in the Workplace." As HR services confront the increasing demand for BYOD policies and flexibility around working remotely, the study found the number of personal devices in the workplace will increase by 25 percent by the end of January 2013.

According to Nasuni, nearly one in five employees uses Dropbox, which the study deems insecure, as a means of sharing work information. Companies risk losing data when employees use consumer-grade file sharing products, states Nasuni. Corporate leaders are the most likely culprits, as VPs and directors use Dropbox more than other employees, despite the risks.

While HR services play a large role in creating and implementing policies and overseeing employee adherence to rules, IT professionals are instrumental to company function, as they provide technical support and data security. When these entities work together efficiently, they can minimize losses and breaches of sensitive information by educating employees and business leaders more effectively about the importance of data security.

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