Many companies have trouble figuring out how to streamline HR processes. After all, HR is a vital department that’s often bogged down in bureaucracy and busywork. But there’s a solution: robotic process automation.

RPA has huge implications for HR. This software can handle repetitive tasks and increase efficiency for the most mundane HR jobs.

Adopting this technology is easier than you might think.

Read the full article on HR Technologist to learn about a few areas in which automation can streamline HR processes with very few changes made to existing processes.


Article written by: Tania Fiero, Chief Human Resources Officer

Tania Fiero, PHR is Chief Human Resources Officer at Innovative Employee Solutions, a leading global Employer of Record in more than 150 countries that specializes in contingent workforce solutions such as outsourced payrolling, independent contractor compliance, and contractor management services. Founded in 1974, IES has grown into one of San Diego’s largest women-owned businesses and has been named one of the city’s “Best Places to Work” for 10 years in a row.

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