The home improvement industry often takes on large numbers of seasonal and temporary workers from spring through Labor Day – its busiest season of the year – and an increasing number of these workers are being offered full-time positions.

Home improvement stores across the country are expected to hire more than 100,000 workers during the busy season, WDBJ 7 reports. Each Lowe's and Home Depot in Roanoke, Virginia, has more than a dozen job openings, including some for temporary work. Local Home Depot store manager Catherine Trott told the source that the store is looking for employees to take on duties ranging from loading carts to running registers to handling general maintenance.

James Staples started working at Home Depot as a temp last year, and recently finished his first day as a full-time employee in the flooring department. Staples said he felt confident that the store would recognize his strong work ethic and knowledge of the store's products, and realize he would be an asset to its operations.

"It made sense to apply to Home Depot because, not just of what I know, but because they would be able to employ me long term," he said.

Retailers such as Home Depot are in a position to take on temporary workers full-time, because the home improvement industry is stabilizing. Fitch Ratings predicts that home improvement spending will increase 4 percent this year. 

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