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Hiring temporary workers in the small business sector

Posted on March 14th, 2011 Read time: 1 minutes

Small businesses hire temporary workers less often than larger corporations, in part due to the misconception that the time spent training temporary workers will minimize the benefits.

In fact, hiring temporary and contract workers is a good business strategy and can boost a business' operations over the long term, notes Inc. magazine.

When looking for an employer of record, small business owners should consider what specialty they need. Some agencies focus on a particular type of employee, such as administrative assistants, while others focus on a certain sector. While determining what need the temporary worker will meet, they should keep in mind their future plans and which areas will need extra staffing, recommends the source.

Coy Renick, co-founder of The Renick Group, told the source that he advises business owners to ask temporary agencies for references from a similar market, the amount of experience the employees have and turnover rates.

Some temporary agencies provide additional services, such as criminal and background checks, education verification and drug screenings. Small businesses that are interested in outsourcing these tasks may be able to get a package deal.  

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